Digicel helps Nightingale Home go ‘Back-to-School’


Digicel Barbados is assisting the Child Care Board (CCB) with the purchasing of back-to-school items for the new academic year, which begins on Monday.

A stationery and cash donation was a brainchild of their staff as well as China Broadcasting Company, said Director of Consumer Sales and Service Manager of Digicel Barbados, Dionne Emtage.

“We are here to deliver some much needed supplies to this Nightingale’s Children’s Home and this again is a combination of love from us. In addition to that we got some participation from China Broadcasting Network they also helped us with sending us some bags for the kids,” Emtage said.

“We are really happy to do this for the children of Barbados and we hope this kind of activity will go forward for other businesses that they will continue to cater for children that are in need,” she said.

  Deputy Director of the Child Care Board, Denise Nurse said that the assistance from Corporate Barbados is welcomed, as the CCB can no longer do it alone.

“It is really nice when corporate Barbados comes and acts and assists the Board as they cannot do it alone. Today, Digicel is helping 60 of our children who are in schools with back to school supplies,” Nurse said, adding that the CCB found it challenging to meet the demands of the children for back to school.

“This year the Board found itself really having to purchase a number of items in particular. We found that school things were very expensive in particular school shoes. We found school shoes to be very expensive. So Digicel giving us back to school supplies has helped us and allowed us to go on and make our purchases for our children.

“Corporate Barbados most of the time is kind to the Child Care Board and the Board is very appreciative,” Nurse said.

The deputy director of the agency responsible for children’s protection, said the Board desperately needed volunteers to provide lessons for children sitting the Common Entrance Examination as well as sponsoring children who currently reside in the homes.

“The Board has to spend a lot of money as we too have children who sit the 11-Plus Exam. So we also need people who will come forward and help us with providing lessons for the children. Persons who can come and sponsor children as well sponsorship is something you don’t have to let the child come to you but you can make a corporate donation to the CCB on a monthly basis to help the children. Any little bit will help our children,” she said.  (LG)





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