‘Red flags’


It took a 22-year-old man over a year to own up to a cannabis charge.

Rashad Jaudon Kellman of Warrens, St Michael admitted before Magistrate Douglas Frederick today to having $20 worth of cannabis – while wearing extra underwear.

Station Sergeant Samuel Hinds said police were on duty in Nelson Street, The City, on February 14, 2017 when they detained Kellman in relation to another matter. He was taken to Central Police Station where a search was conducted. Vegetable matter suspected to be cannabis was found in a resealable plastic bag in one of three boxers he was wearing at the time.

“Officer, that is just some weed that I have to sell,” the first time offender repeatedly told lawmen at the time.

His attorney Romain Marshall argued that the marijuana was not for sale but for Kellman’s personal use.

He asked Magistrate Douglas Frederick to show his client some leniency, as this was his first offence.

But the magistrate pointed out that the situation raised several red flags and asked Kellman the reason for wearing so many boxers.

The accused said that his mother purchased his pants and bought them too big.

But the magistrate was having none of it.

“That doesn’t sound right . . . . Because you can conceal things in these boxers because your pants are too big . . . .

Basically you can buy and stash drugs in there. Not only that but police wanted you for another matter . . . . These are all red flags telling me that something can’t be right,” Magistrate Frederick said.

Kellman, who sought to assure the magistrate that he had changed as he was now a father, was then ordered to complete 200 hours of community service if he wanted to keep his criminal record clean.

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