Eye on art


The Camp Epiphany Programme seeks to open children’s eyes to the benefits of pursuing art at the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate level.

The main objective of the camp being held at the Princess Margaret Secondary School is to increase awareness of the myriad of job opportunities that can come with having an art degree.

Camp Director Danielle Rowe said since it started on July 29, the students have been enlightened about the flexibility and fluidity of the art industry in Barbados.

“Most young people have the preconception [that] all artists do is draw or paint. We wanted to remove that notion and show them [the number] of genres in the workplace that they can find work with the arts CXC,” Rowe said, adding that it has been an eye opening experience for the 17 campers aged three to 18.

“It has been enlightening for them because they do not understand that everything their eye touches daily has been shaped by an artist. We aim to correct that, [and show them] that every door that is opened was created by an artist, every piece of furniture [was created by] an artist; all the TV shows [were created by artistes]. So, it is just to open their eyes and allow them to see the things that artists and artistes are responsible for,” she noted.

“[On] a typical day, every hour [there] is something new so they do not do one thing and get bored. We do things on rotation so the child spends an entire day with [others] in their age group,” she said, adding that the campers can participate in dance, drama, print making, painting classes as well as drawing.

The camp which started on July 23rd ends on September 1st with a cultural showcase at the Princess Margaret Secondary School. (LG)


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