Barbadians called on to protect the environment


Barbadians are being called on once again to protect the environment. Speaking at Saturday’s official launch of the National Clean Up Campaign, Minister of the Environment and National Beautification, Trevor Prescod, urged citizens to practice proper waste management.

Prescod said that the clean up drive will tackle drainage, general vegetation maintenance, illegal dumping and removal of Sargassum seaweed from the island’s shorelines.

“It is an inward reach and it is an outward stretch, the inward reach is that level . . . we will be able to reach psychological transformation that is needed in our culture so Barbadians will be able to see it as a national duty; not only for the nation itself but the individual in trying to create a healthy environment,” Prescod said..

“When you transform the mind the individual will be able to understand the specific duty which he has to self, so . . .  without any great stress [he will be able] to come out  on the morning and understand the importance of cleaning around the house.”

The Minister also said that Government is working with private businesses to find other methods to utilize waste piling up at land fills.

“We are seeking wherever possible to utilize the waste as a renewable source rather than using every square inch of our land space for just dumping the waste.”

Also on hand for the launch was Minister of Home Affairs, Edmund Hinkson, who implored Barbadians to safeguard their homes and surroundings.

“One of the problems that we have as Barbadians is that we don’t like to see garbage, debris . . . outside our yards so we take it somewhere else,” said Hinkson.

“We have to implore our fellow citizens to be more thoughtful and to be more caring and not to be so selfish because when you take your garbage and put it somewhere else you are just transferring the problem.”

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