‘Redwash’ celebrations


For the second time within the past two weeks, St John was washed with a sea of red. Hundreds gathered at Bath Beach, St John to celebrate the May 24 ‘redwash’ by the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) where they created history by winning all 30 of the parliamentary seats.

Hundreds of Barbados Labour Party supporters celebrated the party’s historic win at Bath Beach.
These ladies were happy to offer a toast.

St John was unequivocally chosen for the ‘Thank You’ celebrations because first-timer Charles Griffith, became the BLP’s first candidate to capture what had always been seen as the Democratic Labour Party’s (DLP) stronghold.

Hundreds gathered armed with their coolers and picnic baskets for a relaxing family fun day, which included mingling with the island’s first female Prime Minister, Mia Mottley and other members of Parliament.

The massive crowd fashionably sported their red ‘Mia Cares’ t-shirts, with others adorned in t-shirts of their constituency representatives. Even household pets were not left out of the celebrations as some were decorated with red scarves.

“They told me that the most appropriate place when you have a red wash off is to come to Bath [beach],” said the Prime Minister to roaring cheers.

Mottley expressed her gratitude to the thousands of BLP troops and supporters that contributed to the party’s success at the polls.

Prime Minister Mia Mottley chats with this infant being held by Minister of Transport Works and Maintenance Dr William Duguid. 

“Without you, our country will not now be looking at a new dawn. Thank you, because, without you, our country will not be able to put behind us a decade of despair,” she reiterated.

The Prime Minister also warned her supporters that due to the country’s financial woes, the journey ahead would be tough.

“After one week in office, it is clear to us that the mission is going to be great… What will get Barbados through the next few years is something called discipline,” Mottley stressed.

Newly appointed Minister of Youth and Community Empowerment, Adrian Forde, told Barbados TODAY that irrespective of political background or preference, all the citizens of Barbados need to unite as they sought to find a solution to the island’s economic crisis. 

“Irrespective of your political vision, the most important thing that we Barbadians must recognise is that there is a Barbados that needs rescuing and irrespective of whatever political lineage, we have to understand and recognize that we have to put all hands to the plough,” he said.

“We are happy about the turnout, the continued support and we have to ask Barbadians to bear with us. We have a lot of work ahead of us and the only way we can do it is if we have the complete support of everyone behind us,” said the Minister of Youth.

An unexpected visitor also landed at Bath, St John to offer his congratulations to Prime Minister Mottley. Jamaican dance-hall artiste Beenie Man’s surprise visit at the picnic shocked many.

Beenie Man describes PM Mottley as a “down to earth” leader. 

After briefly interacting with Mottley, the Jamaican dance-hall artiste described Barbados’ first female prime minister as “down to earth.” He went to say,  “she is one of those persons you can hail and… shake her hand and it is always great to know her”. 

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