Opposition Leader announces his first senate pick


Leader of the Opposition, Bishop Joseph Atherley has announced respected trade unionist Caswell Franklyn as his first pick for the Senate.

Atherley made the announcement this afternoon during a press conference at the Office of the Leader of the Opposition at the Parliament complex.

The St Michael West Member of Parliament who crossed the floor on Thursday to become the Leader of the Opposition, described Franklyn as “a respected and non-partisan voice in the public arena”.

(L-R) New senate pick Caswell Franklyn, Leader of the Opposition Bishop Joseph Atherley and Reverend Trevor Daniel who Attherley announced would serve as his spiritual advisor.

Franklyn, who also spoke at the press conference, said he wants to be the voice of the public, especially the island’s civil servants.

Franklyn, who has served as the General Secretary of the Unity Workers Union and has been actively involved in industrial rights, said he was looking to “clean up the Parliament” following the “dubious deals” approved by the former administration.

“One of my first acts as a member of Parliament would be to try to undo some of this horrendous behavior that the last government did. I do not understand it and I do not believe that this should be allowed,” he said.

“We cannot continue to allow MPs to misbehave . . . Parliamentarians have been giving themselves a bad name for too long, I want to clean it up.”

Franklyn said he was also looking forward to making a difference in the lives of Barbadians.

“I have been a voice in Barbados for a long time trying to make a difference and sometimes I feel like giving up because nobody seems to be hearing.”

“I want to make Barbados better for my children … and I want when I leave this place that it is a much better place than when I found it,” Franklyn continued.

The Opposition Leader said he will announce his second pick for the Senate in the coming days.

Meanwhile, Governor General, Dame Sandra Mason, will administer the Oath of Allegiance to Senators, on Monday, June 4.

The Governor General will administer the oath to Independent Senators at 10 a.m., and to the Government  Members of the House of Assembly and the Opposition Senators at 2 p.m. 

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