Pilgrim: It’s in the hands of the people


General Secretary of the incumbent Democratic Labour Party (DLP) George Pilgrim says tomorrow’s general election
is now in the hands of the people of Barbados.

However while not predicting a result or identifying any  “safe seats” for his party, Pilgrim, who is his candidate for St John, was still optimistic that Barbadians will reward the DLP and Prime Minister Freundel Stuart with a third straight term in office.

“I believe the people of Barbados will make a sensible decision in the way forward which will be done to the benefit of the Democratic Labour Party. The election is not about campaigns or manifestos, it is about the future of Barbados,” he said when Barbados TODAY caught up with him just outside the official residence of the Prime Minister Ilaro Court shortly after noon.

He described the four-week election campaign as “ extraordinary”, explaining that “it was a campaign where we saw the fears of Barbadians being aroused by a message that was created by the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) on a false premise.

“This country deserves to know the way forward,” Pilgrim said, adding that “we have outlined in our manifesto what we consider to be the growth path of this country.

“We also outlined suggestions that could fix and assisting the country in our deficit [and] I challenge the Barbados Labour Party to offer an alternate plan.”

He went on to attack the Opposition over policies outlined in its 70-page manifesto, saying, “Barbados is not under flood watch [so] I don’t understand the idea of supplying gas station attendants which are private sector workers with raincoats and boots being funded by taxpayers of Barbados.

“That borders on a political bribe. This election for this country represents the biggest bribe that an election has ever witnessed in the history of Barbados.

“The Barbados Labour Party (BLP) is attempting to buy this election through their policies which we know are not policies fit
to grow the economy. The policies are
focused on May 24 and not beyond,” he charged.

He was also of the belief that all candidates running for office should enter politics for the love of it.

“People need to be attracted to politics based on passion. What is missing from politics today is the whole idea of passion. There are persons, especially from the Barbados Labour Party side who lack passion,” the DLP general secretary charged.

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