Youth urged to make their mark in upcoming election


With just five days remaining until general elections, the youth in Barbados have been encouraged to turn out in their numbers and vote for the Barbados Labour Party (BLP).

Party leader Mia Mottley was among those who made the call during a Youth Rally at Tweeside Road, St Michael Saturday night.

Mottley told the large crowd of young people it was their responsibility to head to the polling stations on May 24.

“Let us dream my friends of brighter days, but the only way that dream is possible is not in our head as we sleep,  but to make it real we need you to come out on Thursday and we need you to claim your destiny, we need you to create your own future, we need you to sculpt the Barbados that you want and to do that you have first to accept the first responsibility of being a Bajan and you have to vote,” Mottley said to loud applause.

“And I am asking you to vote for the team that has plans and that has a vision. I am asking you to vote for my team because I believe that I have put together for you a group of people that reflect your dreams and your aspirations. And we have taken what you have said to us, as we have rubbed shoulders with you…we are asking you to help us to build the best Barbados together.”

Candidate for Christ Church East Central Ryan Straughn also encouraged the young voters to exercise their constitutional right.

“For the young people out there who are asking yourself why you should vote, the simple answer is right here on this cover. Vote for the future you want. In 2018, the young people of this country must now vote for a different future. Next Thursday you should have an opportunity to vote for the Barbados that you want,” he said.

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