Byer Suckoo admits to a communication failure by Govt


If there is one area that incumbent Democratic Labour Party (DLP) candidate for St George South Dr Esther Byer Suckoo would give the Freundel Stuart administration a failing grade, it is communication.

Addressing a political meeting in Licorish Village last night in support of St Michael East candidate Nicolas Alleyne, she admitted that when it came to disclosing plans and initiatives over the past ten years, Government had simply not spoken enough.

“We had no time to talk, we were too busy working,” the St George South candidate said, while contending that actions speak longer than words.

“It has been a very difficult ten years for Barbados, but we have delivered.

“If it is one thing I would say is that we were so focused on getting the job done, getting Barbados on the right track, that I will give this Government one failing grade – [it is that] we did not blow our own horn, we did not tell enough of what we were doing,” she said.

“We were so busy with our heads down looking at the job at hand, and by all reports we did it well, that we did not tell enough of our plans. That allowed people to come in and give you the impression that we were doing
nothing and that nothing was happening, [but] when you are busy working, you have no time for talking,” Byer Suckoo stressed.

In a wide ranging speech, the Minister of Labour and Social Security touched on Government’s achievements in housing, international business and youth development, while claiming that most of the promises that the Opposition Barbados Labour Party was now making had already been implemented.

“Last night we reminded you of our plans in housing. Persons on the 20-year programme were able to get the papers to their homes. Our Minister [of International Business Donville] Inniss was telling us what is going on in international business. Even against the odds, he was able to ensure that the international business sector stayed afloat. That was not an easy task.

“Again I don’t think we have been talking enough because I hear people making all these grand promises about what they will do for the youth of Barbados.

“I sat and I listened and I said, ‘we are already doing that’. All of the different promises are what the Democratic Labour Party has been doing [but] we just haven’t been telling you all.”

Byer Suckoo also sought to set the record straight about the DLP’s plans for the young people in Barbados.

“The Democratic Labour Party believes in our young people. There are people going around offering our young people inducements to support them. We are not about providing for our young people substances so that they will vote and have a feel good. That is not what we are about.

“We are about ensuring that our young people are on a firm footing. We want to set this island on a trajectory that our youth will know that their future is secure. Every ministry in our Government has been focused on our young people,” she stressed.

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