Guard found guilty of grabbing woman’s butt


A St Lucy man who “grabbed” a woman’s buttocks, “squeezed it” and said “it feel good” has been found guilty of indecent assault.

After two hours of deliberations a nine-member jury returned the unanimous verdict against Errol St Clair Boyce of Josey Hill.

The crime was committed on February 23, 2011 against a fish boner at the Bridgetown Fisheries Complex. The victim was reportedly standing at her stall preparing to begin her day’s work, with a co-worker standing closeby, when the incident occurred.

“While I was outside speaking to [my co-worker], I felt [these] two hands come and grab and squeeze my buttocks and told me that it feel good.

“I turned around and asked . . . Errol Boyce ‘who send him?’ and pushed him and he fell on the ground,” the woman said as she demonstrated to the jury in the No. 5 Supreme Court during the trial just how Boyce had grabbed her derriere.

She said she then ran to the office and reported the matter to the manager who then called the police.

“I feel so shame and downhearted because I never went through anything so with my husband for 29 years,” the victim added.

She made it clear under questioning by Crown Counsel Neville Watson that she “did not invite” Boyce, a security guard, to do what he did, nor were they friends. She went on to say that she only spoke to Boyce when passing through the gate of the fishing complex.

“I say, ‘good morning’, show the pass and go through, nothing else,” she added.

Under cross examination, Boyce’s attorney Arthur Holder told the victim that she never told police in her statement about the man slapping her on her behind.

“You told the accused, . . . ‘you squeeze my pooch’ and he said, ‘not me’,” Holder contended. However, the victim replied: “I speak the truth and nothing but the truth.”

A female witness, who has been friends with the victim “for years”, corroborated her story.

“The gentleman come from down in the back . . . . He ain’t had on he guard clothes and he come straight there and tek he hands and place it on [her] behind . . . her botsy, and squeeze it and then slap her on it. And I turn and say, ‘wait wuh going on deh? What really going on deh’
. . . and she push him,” the witness recalled.

However, when Boyce addressed the court on Monday he said he was passing between the victim and some boxes and his hand “might have missed and touch her on she buttocks”.

But in her closing statement yesterday Senior Crown Counsel Krystal Delaney, who prosecuted the case with Watson, insisted that Boyce “intentionally” committed the act and that it was not done “accidentally” as he claimed.

“[The victim] and any other woman has a right to be at work without having their behind grabbed. She was indecently assaulted,” Delaney argued.

While pointing to some “discrepancies” in the evidence given by the Crown’s witnesses, Holder submitted that the act was “not done purposely”.

However, the jury disagreed with him.

Madam Justice Jacqueline Cornelius ordered a pre-sentencing report for Boyce who returns to the High Court on November 20.

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