Tourism increases not reflected on the ground


Former president of the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association Colin Jordan is insisting that under the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) the tourism sector has reached its plateau.

The former hotel executive was addressing the media as he campaigned throughout St Peter, the constituency he is contesting for the Opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP) in the coming general election.

Jordan charged that the tourism numbers reported by the Freundel Stuart Government were not replicated in the island’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and the employment opportunities for citizens.

“There is an economy that is not growing. There is a tourism sector where while we are told constantly that arrivals are increasing, its contribution to the Gross Domestic Product . . .  is lower than it was ten years ago,” said Jordan.

“Even though we have more people arriving, more people staying, [the citizens of Barbados] are still not feeling the effect of those numbers compared to what we felt ten years ago. We believe that if tourism was contributing as it was ten years ago even with lesser numbers we would be able to provide more in the area of job opportunities . . . and training,” he emphasized.

According to Jordan, there is a disconnect between the reports from Government and what Barbadians were experiencing. He argued that if there was growth in the economy, many of the issues such as poor roads and flooding would have been resolved.

“We need our major industries to be working, to be contributing to the national income so that we can have these issues fixed,” he stressed.

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