Please release me, begs Grimes


After suggesting that he was not worried about the consequences of refusing to perform 140 hours of community service, a 20-year-old man returned to court today begging for a second chance after spending time on remand at Dodds prison.

“I can’t handle it Sir, please, I am very sorry for displaying my awful behaviour. I really can’t handle it in prison, that time killing me,” Schifo Romario Grimes of Pilgrim Road, Christ Church told Magistrate Douglas Frederick in the District ‘A’ Court today.

Grimes had pleaded guilty back in February to possession of cannabis and was given “a golden opportunity” which he did not grab with both hands.

In August an official from the Probation Department, which oversees community service, told the court that Grimes had no desire to complete the hours allotted to him and also had no regard for the consequences.

In fact, Grimes had completed only five hours of the service despite being issued with several warning letters over his failure to report to perform his duty.

When he appeared in court via an arrest warrant, Grimes told the magistrate he was not interested in the community service.

However, today he had an obvious change of heart.

“There [jail] ain’t no place for me. I honestly can’t stay in jail. People just coming round me . . . taking my things. I am not a bad boy, Sir. I just asking if I can get another chance to prove myself. I begging you. I can’t handle it please,” Grimes pleaded.

His mother, who was present in court, also told the magistrate that her son “did not give no trouble” but just would not do the service.

“All the good boys end up here,” the magistrate stated, as he gave Grimes his second chance at community service.

“Thank you your honour,” a grateful Grimes said as he left the court to return on December 8 for a progress report on his community service.

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