St Philip family still shaken by relative’s passing


A St Philip bar owner says he will forever be haunted by the gruesome image of his brother’s decomposing body on the bathroom floor of his home.
Recounting the harrowing ordeal to Barbados TODAY, Anderson Barton said that both he and other members of his family were still overwhelmed by the shocking discovery of the body of 66-year-old Fergusson Othneil Barton at his Lucas Street, St Philip home on Monday morning.
An autopsy has been ordered to determine what caused the death of the father of five, who was only one year into his retirement after working at the National Conservation Commission (NCC) for 40 years.

Anderson explained that he and his brother Steve Lucas went to Fergusson’s home at 6:30 a.m. after they became worried, having not seen or heard from him since Friday.

“Monday morning I knocked on the house just to shout him but I didn’t hear him, so I called my other brother and I told him that I saw our brother’s vehicle in the same spot for the last three days but he is not answering. He [Lucas] told me he was on his way and I went back and started to walk around the house and I peeped in and saw the flies and then I smell this stench,” Anderson said, noting that he waited for his brother to arrive before entering the house.

“We went to the bedrooms and didn’t find him but when we went to the bathroom we saw him on the ground. Right now my head is still hurting. It is the worst thing that I have ever experienced and it is not and it is not a last image that anyone should have of someone they love. I would not wish it on anyone,” said a distraught Anderson who remains in shock over his older sibling’s death.

“He never told us of anything he was suffering with, he never went to any doctor. The only thing was that he told my sister that he was using L-arginine and she had told him that he slim down and was looking good. He never complained of anything,” he stressed.

“My mother is taking it very hard and so is my sister because he was a happy go lucky guy,” he added.
Anderson also described his brother as a man who loved his family and one who was always willing to lend assistance to anyone in need.
“He was always up and about trying to help someone. As long as he was able he never turned anyone down and people loved him. As a matter of fact if it wasn’t for his vehicle we would not have thought too much of his absence because he is always out helping someone. We knew something was wrong because his car had not moved in days,” he added.

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