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By NAN Contributor

News Americas, MELBOURNE, Australia, Mon. Aug. 1, 2016: A street artist in Australia has presented a portrait of Melania Trump unlike any you have ever seen before!

Artist Lushsux has released a mural depicting Republican US presidential nominee Donald Trump over the breasts of his wife Melania. The mural was painted on a wall in West Footscray in Melbourne Australia.

Lushsux has painted a series of murals and artworks uploaded to his popular Instagram account that make light of recent events in the US presidential race.

The artist take on Melania  comes on the heels of a mural created of US Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in a revealing, stars and stripes swimsuit.

Aside from Melania Trump, subjects of his murals include Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, all of which are popularly photographed and shared on Instagram.

Lush’s work is raw, impressive, extreme and touching whereby he tests the borders of the graffiti world, the street art scene and the taste of the viewer. He is an interesting artist and everywhere he goes he turns the world upside down. He was born in Melbourne Melbourne and is known for his public works on the streets, walls, panels and subway trains. His work is confrontational, provocative, humorous and challenging, and it provides a commentary on the existing street pieces. Lush once said: “My art is nothing new really; loads of people did similar stuff before me. I just stole Their ideas and ran with them. Hence the title ‘Graffiti Asshole.’”

His fame has resulted in several exhibitions in various galleries. In 2010 and 2013 his work was seen in the Backwoods Gallery in Melbourne, in 2011 in Los Angeles and San Francisco, and in 2012 in New York and London..


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