Now Trump gone radical!


todays vendorIn dis crazy world we live in, all too frequently we being bombarded wid de news of terrorists attacks, and we getting accustomed to terms like jihadists, suicide bombers, Islamists, infidels, ISIS and ISIL. And dese days, al-Qaeda folks in de background as dis new breed of monsters wreak havoc through fear pun de rest of we.

I am yet to understand how in de name of God I can carry out bombings on innocent civilians, children, women and men, Jew and Gentile. Wha kind of beast could unleash such horrible acts on fellow human beings and say yuh doing it in de name of God?

De recent suicide killings by a Muslim husband and wife in California only fuel de hysteric calls against de Muslim faith by people like Donald Trump on de far right in la-la land.

But check dis story out of Dubai.

Gold letters spelling out Trump International Golf Club, affixed to a landscaped stone wall in Dubai at the entrance to the $6 billion golf complex being built by DAMAC Properties, in association with the United States presidential hopeful were removed last Thursday.

Trump’s comments provoked a backlash in The Gulf, where he has said he would like to expand business; and one of the region’s biggest retail groups, Landmark, said it was pulling Trump merchandise off its shelves.

Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, who bought an 85–metre luxury yacht from Trump in 1991, called him a disgrace to all America.

“Withdraw from the US presidential race as you will never win,” the prince tweeted.

So Mr Trump in his latest rant want to ban Muslims from entering America; but this Donald Trump is a far cry from de one I did know years ago.

De Donald I did know was always a brash loud-mout fella, full of heself, arrogant as hell. Well, some things did not change. He was always a ladies’ man. Ah not gine hold dat against de fella; but not one was from America. Dem all come from overseas.

De Donald I remember did file fuh bankruptcy some years ago. Again, I not gine hold dat against de man.

De Donald I know was de TV star of the reality show The Apprentice. Dat is de Donald I did know. Married nuff times (no harm in dat), but only to foreign ladies.

Suddenly de man talking nuff radical crap. First, he abuse and disrespect all Mexicans and plenty Latinos by calling dem drug dealers, criminals, murderers and such like!

Then he get more radical. He say he gine build a wall –– 900 miles of wall. I wonder if he gine use Hard Rock cement to build dah wall –– never mind many Mexicans come via underground tunnels.

I sure he got a fix fuh dat too! I guess he gine use Mexican labour to build de wall!

He gine shut down plants building cars outside America. He say police in London frighten to go into certain areas of London; but de Mayor Boris Johnson put he in he place.

He claim he saw thousands of people in New Jersey (presumably Muslims) celebrating 9/11. Nobody else saw this scene!

Pun de lighter side, according to Mr Humble, all de women on The Apprentice flirted with him, consciously and unconsciously. That is to be expected, he said.

So right now de world worried ’bout people like de couple in San Bernadino being radicalized, but I Market Vendor more worried ’bout de radicalization of a madman and egomaniac; and I think de latest call to ban Muslims from entering de USA has completed de radicalization of Donald Trump; and I frighten!

I real frighten ’cause while he calling to ban Muslims, he in business wid them in de Emirates. Not now; ever since from 1991; and he looking to expand, according to he own words.

You see de contradictions? Yuh see why I frighten, and why you should be too?

I Market Vendor gone fuh now. You have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?

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