Two Jamaicans to pay big for drugs


COURT TODAY BLOCKTwo Jamaican nationals were handed hefty fines when they appeared before Chief Magistrate Pamela Beckles earlier today on four drug charges each.

Monique Magola Robinson, a 33-year-old farmer of Longwood District, Santoy PA, Hanover, was fined $50 000 for importing 2.5 kilogrammes of cannabis, with an alternative of two years in prison.

In a separate matter, 31-year-old Jerome Tobien Burrell Powell, a construction worker from Fustic Grove, Westmoreland, was ordered to pay $60 000, or spend three years behind bars, for importing three kilogrammes of the illegal substance.

Coincidentally, the two drug mules arrived on the same planefrom Jamaica and were both carrying packages of marijuana in the lining of their suitcase.

Neither paid their fines and was therefore remanded to HMP Dodds.

Robinson, a mother of four, apologised to the Oistins Magistrates’ Court, saying she had left her 17-year-old son to look after his three younger siblings until she returned home.

Powell, who revealed that his girlfriend was pregnant, said that a friend of his in Jamaica had introduced him to the idea of bringing drugs here, so he took a chance.

When Powell and Robinson have completed their sentences, or if they opt to pay their fines at any point, they will be handed over to immigration authorities.

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