Why Trump may be good for region


yourwealthourinterest-1I have a vision of an empire that connects Africa to the Caribbean, and celebrates our unique history.

When I think of Mr Barack Obama I can’t recall even a few things he has done to assist the Caribbean. Correct me if I am wrong.

Please note that we don’t call Mr David Cameron Prime Minister Cameron; please don’t call Mr Obama President Obama. He isn’t our president.

This article will challenge you to divorce yourself from any notion of what is good for the United States being also good for the Caribbean. Obamacare is the perfect example of this myth.

As humanitarians, we should celebrate better health care for our fellow human beings. However, Obamacare also killed the prospects of mass medical tourism, hinged on the United States citizen escaping exorbitant health care costs.
If a Republican was to overturn Obamacare, wouldn’t that be beneficial for the Caribbean?

I must answer in the affirmative; not only for the countless doctors the region is producing but also for the stakeholders in our traditional tourism product.

Let’s focus on Donald Trump. Mr Trump would also perhaps run up huge deficits for the United States with his immigration “plan”. While we could see this as a bad thing in the long term for the United States, why is it a bad thing for the Caribbean, or even the rest of the world?

The world economy is designed around the whims of the United States consumer by virtue of the United States dollar being the world’s reserve currency. Thus the world needs the United States to continue spending all that it can to keep the global economy growing. If the world were to move from catering to the United States consumer, there would be another global recession as we tried to adjust to something more sustainable. The Caribbean can ill afford this currently. With the International Monetary Fund’s continuous revisions of lower global growth, a Trump stimulus might just be what we all need.

In the next breath, I must admit that Mr Trump would be a horrible president for the United States –– in my opinion. He doesn’t have the best personality; he would probably make rash decisions and irritate other world leaders.

Now, they aren’t the criteria for my “support”; and they shouldn’t be for yours. Mr Trump isn’t going to bankrupt the United States, nor is he going to start World War III. However his actions will help the Caribbean if he carries through with them; and that is why I say President Trump has “my vote”.

(Craig Harewood is the investment director at OurInterest Inc.)

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