Linton’s going back to his roots


He gave us hits like Cardiac Arrest and Southern Hospitality, and made us all fall in love, but Barbadian-born international artiste Hal Linton is ready to head in a whole different direction.

Hal says he is ready to go back to his roots.

IMG_5551“I’m in this space where I want to bring blues back. I want to do more soul stuff. Everything I’m doing right now has a little more grit on it. It’s actually where I started, and I’m kind of getting back into it.

“I really want to get back to my roots. I don’t think I’m going to be doing things like Southern Hospitality any more,” Hal explained.

And what exactly has Hal been up to over the last few years since he has been missing in action from the stage? He assures his fans he has been working very hard.

“It’s been a really interesting last couple of years. I’ve just been writing and producing for the last couple of years, doing a lot of really cool projects all over the world.

“I worked in Paris a lot. Did a bunch of stuff in Australia too; that was fun. This year I’ve been starting to do more stuff in the US again.

“My first Billboard Top 10 happened this year with Wolfgang Gartner. Came in at No. 6. I have the cut-out in my apartment. I’m really happy about it,” he said excitedly.

And he added that as long as he was creating he was happy.

“I’m a creative. Once I’m creating I’m happy. If I’m doing it for others or myself. I’m happy. If I’m not creating, that’s when I get depressed.”

Hal, in the island for a performance at Mahalia’s Corner last Sunday night, told Bajan Vibes it was a pleasure to be back home.

“I was just walking on the beach all the time. It feels great to be back home. Mount Gay all day; it’s great,” he said with a laugh.

And on the topic of being back home, Hal sparked a highly excited conversation about Porgie And Murda and his obsession with them. He said he just could not get enough.

“I definitely want to do stuff with Porgie And Murda. I’m a huge fan of those guys and I would love the opportunity to work with them. I’m really impressed with their work.

“I tell people all the time you need to check their stuff out,” he added with a huge grin.

Hal also said he would love the opportunity to work with Janelle Monae because he loves her work too.

“She’s high on my list of people to work with. I love the work that she’s doing.”

Apart from singing and writing, Hal is also a teacher at a college in Los Angeles, California, United States.

“I’m also a professor now at a music college. This is crazy; I don’t even know how I am doing it. But it’s awesome,” he said.

And it’s been ten years since Hal left Barbados to do what he loves. He told Bajan Vibes in closing that it had been a dream come true, but he could not settle.

“You’re never satisfied. Being satisfied means that you need to retire. I don’t believe in that. I believe in new dreams every year. You just have to continue to dream big and go for it. I believe in that. There is always room to grow,” he added. 

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