BRITAIN – Young terror mastermind jailed for life


LONDON –– A police officer beheaded in broad daylight on one of the most solemn days of the year, as thousands of people gathered to pay tribute to the sacrifice of soldiers in past wars.

It’s a grisly crime that –– if carried out –– would have shocked Australia to its core. And it was plotted by a schoolboy on the other side of the world.

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth laying a wreath during a service to commemorate Anzac Day on April 25.

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth laying a wreath during a service to commemorate Anzac Day on April 25.

Britain’s youngest terror mastermind has been jailed for life for orchestrating the beheading, which was to have been carried out during a parade in Melbourne on Anzac Day –– a national holiday honouring the country’s war dead –– in April this year.

The boy, who admitted directing the jihadist plot and encouraging others to take part, was just 14 when he planned the brutal slaying. He cannot be identified because he is a minor.

Detective Chief Superintendent Tony Mole, head of England’s North West Counter Terrorism Unit, said the boy’s role was “quite shocking”, considering he was “extremely young”.

“I think it shows that the ideology, if you’re open to it, it takes no prisoners . . . . There are certain people who fall into the seductive propaganda of some of the ISIL stuff that’s pumped out on social media.

“He’s been caught up in that, he’s explored it and he’s escalated into an attack plan, and a credible one, which is an extremely dangerous thing to do.”

According to authorities, the attack was to have been carried out in person by his co-conspirator Sevdet Besim from Melbourne; the pair had set out the details of the deadly outrage in thousands of messages sent using an encrypted app.

But the plan was foiled, police say, when they were called in after the teenager threatened to behead teachers at his school in northern England, prompting counterterrorism experts to crack the encryption code on his smartphone. Besim awaits trial in Australia on charges of conspiring to commit a terrorist act; he has not yet entered a plea.

Alerted by their counterparts in Britain, Australian police closed in and found “the knife, the flag, and the martyrdom . . . script,” Mole said.

The boy, who is now 15, was known to have behavioural problems, but his parents, who are divorced, are said to have had no idea their son had been radicalized until police became involved.

The British-born teenager had managed to convince 18-year-old Besim that he was much older and had a history of radicalism, testing the Australian’s religious knowledge and determination to carry out an attack.

“He’s put himself in the space of authority and Besim has accepted that,” said Mole. “That’s the mask of social media –– you can, if you [behave] in the right way, ask the right questions, you can show yourself to be that sort of mature person that Besim was . . . looking for to give him some guidance.”

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