Teenager awaits fate


COURT TODAY BLOCKIt will be a couple of months before a student who threw a rock through a minibus earlier this year knows his fate.

That is because Kadeem Tioran Wilkinson, 16, from Todds Land, St George has to await a presentencing report. He pleaded guilty yesterday to intentionally damaging a windscreen belonging to Hallam Drayton on July 1.

Wilkinson appeared before Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant in the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court No. 2.

The incident took place at Fairchild Street Market where the complainant had parked a minibus. There was a brief exchange between the two and as he was about to drive off, the teen threw a stone through the windscreen, breaking it, the Court heard.

Speaking to Wilkinson yesterday, the magistrate referred to the $5,000 worth of damage and questioned how he would pay for it. Wilkinson replied that his grandmother would pay for it.

“Is that how you do it?” the magistrate asked, “You go out there, do a lot of damage amounting to over $5 000 and then say your grandmother is going to pay for it? Where is she going to get the money from?”

The student said he did not know.

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