Why Too Much Sleep Could Be Bad For You


Many of us try, but often fail, to get eight hours’ sleep each night. This is widely assumed to be the ideal amount – but some experts now say it’s too much, and may actually be unhealthy. We all know that getting too little sleep is bad. You feel tired, you may be irritable, and it can contribute to obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease, doctors say. But too much sleep? You don’t often hear people complaining about it. However, research carried out over the past 10 years appears to show that adults who usually sleep for less than six hours or more than eight, are at risk of dying earlier than those who sleep for between six and eight hours. To put it more scientifically,…

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Inniss welcomes $50 000 donation - Nation News

Nation News

Inniss welcomes $50 000 donation
Nation News
“The state cannot do it alone,” he said as he applauded Canadian insurance firm Chancery Reinsurance Co. for their gift of $50 000 to the Barbados Cancer Society (BCS), the Diabetes Association of Barbados (DAB) and the Barbados International Business ...