Laos Faces Pressure to Stall Decision on Lower Mekong River Dam


Ron Corben BANGKOK— Laos is facing increasing pressure to delay construction of a 260 megawatt dam on the Lower Mekong River because of concerns about its environmental and social impacts. A gathering last week in Laos highlights the continuing controversy surrounding the project. The member states of the Friends of the Lower Mekong came together with the countries of the region last week for the first time since the group was created in 2009 — marking a new step in diplomatic pressures on the Laos government to delay or halt construction of the Don Sahong Dam. Environmental impact The planned $600-million project in the Siphandone (Khone Falls) area of southern Laos is less than two…

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Renewed focus and commitment to Caribbean - Nation News

Renewed focus and commitment to Caribbean
Nation News
CABLE & WIRELESS Communications (CWC) chief executive officer Phil Bentley recently answered several questions related to the company's operations and its plans for Barbados and the Caribbean this year. Following is the second part of that interview.