Why the calls of the wild may be more complex than zoologists first thought


Mathematical models offer new insights into animal vocal sequences, but evolution of language remains a mystery Orangutans were one of seven species whose calls were compared with human language. Photograph: Dlillc/Corbis From ultrasonic bat chirps to eerie whale songs, the animal kingdom is a noisy place. While some sounds might have meaning – typically something like “I’m a male, aren’t I great?” – no other creatures have a true language except for us. Or do they? A new study on animal calls has found that the patterns of barks, whistles and clicks from seven different species appear to be more complex than previously thought. The researchers used mathematical tests to see how well the…

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Martin 'gutted' by domestic snub - ESPNcricinfo.com


Martin 'gutted' by domestic snub
Less than a year after playing Test cricket, New Zealand left-arm spinner Bruce Martin is without even a domestic contract. Each team in New Zealand is allowed a maximum of 15 contracted players, and once Auckland passed him over, Martin had ...
Kiwi spinner shocked by domestic snubCricket365.com (blog)

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