Suicide bomber strikes Iraq cafe as attacks kill 47


Kirkuk: Violence in Iraq has killed 47 people, with the deadliest attack a suicide bombing that ripped through a crowded cafe, leaving 38 dead, police and doctors said. The bomber struck at a cafe in the city of Kirkuk last night as people thronged the streets after the iftar meal that breaks the fast during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Thirty-eight people were killed and 29 wounded in the south Kirkuk blast, police and Dr Ibrahim Shakur said. Dozens of…

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The new matriach of reggae - New Zealand Herald

The new matriach of reggae
New Zealand Herald
Sonically, it's a strategy that clearly manifests itself in breezy, feel-good tracks like Reggae and Beautiful Day, but equally on the beat-heavy Queen, which McKenzie describes as a tribute to "the striving, struggling hard-working women in the ...