Use of death penalty around the world dropping


The use of the death penalty is broadly diminishing around the world although a handful of countries that had not used capital punishment for several years resumed executions in 2012, according to Amnesty International. Methods of executions in 2012 included hanging, beheading, firing squad and lethal injection. Photo: Eric Risberg/AP 4:23AM BST 10 Apr 2013 India, Japan, Pakistan and Gambia, all countries which had not put people to death for some time, resumed executions last year, and there was an “alarming escalation” in executions in Iraq, the rights group said in its annual survey of the death penalty. London-based Amnesty said at least 129 people were executed in Iraq last year,…

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Reggae Star Etana Returns With New Album - (press release)

Reggae Star Etana Returns With New Album (press release)
Initially included on VP's Reggae Gold 2012 compilation and as the title track to Etana's digital three-song EP, the song has become popular with fans, earning overwhelming responses from audiences who readily sing along to “Reggae's” alluring call.

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