Al Qaeda weakened, Iran a threat, U.S. intelligence officials say


Reporting from Washington— Al Qaeda’s ability to conduct terrorist operations against the United States has diminished in the last year, but U.S. intelligence agencies said Tuesday that they now believe Iranian leaders are willing to launch attacks against American targets. The top U.S. intelligence official, James R. Clapper, told a Senate hearing that a purported Iranian plot to assassinate a Saudi diplomat in Washington in the fall convinced U.S. officials that leaders in Tehran are increasingly likely to support bombings on U.S. soil, especially if they feel that their hold on power is threatened. “Some Iranian officials, probably including supreme leader Ali Khamenei, have changed…

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UK Supreme Court to hear Assange appeal

London: Britain’s Supreme Court will on Wednesday hear WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s appeal against extradition to Sweden over sex crimes allegations. Britain’s highest court has said seven justices will hear the arguments because of the “great public importance of the issue raised” by the case. Even as Assange’s long-running battle […]