How could German neo-Nazi killers have evaded police for 13 years?


Officials face difficult questions over how fugitives were able to carry out 10 murders, 14 bank robberies and two nailbomb attacks A CCTV frame purportedly show the suspected ‘doner murderers’ – Uwe Mundlos and Uwe Böhnhardt – during a bank raid in Arnstadt in September 2011. Photograph: Handout/Reuters At 9.15am on Friday 4 November, two men stormed into a building society in the east German town of Eisenach. One was wearing a black balaclava, the other a gorilla mask. Both had guns. They demanded money, punching a bank teller before grabbing €70,000 (£60,000) from the safe and hopping on to bicycles they had propped up outside. They knew what they were doing – it was their 14th bank…

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