Did HEC School Students Mock Jamaicans?


The HEC business school has apologized for a blackface stunt in which white students painted their faces black. (MONTREAL GAZETTE/ANTHONY MORGAN)

News Americas, MONTREAL, Canada, Weds. Sept. 20, 2011: Several students at the HEC business school have been forced to apologize for painting their faces entirely in black and dressing up as Jamaican track athletes.

A student from another school was walking across the HEC campus on Mount Royal last Wednesday when he witnessed about the scene that he captured on video and posted to YouTube.

The witness, Anthony Morgan, said the students were chanting “Smoke more weed.”

“We express regret and we apologize,” HEC spokeswoman Kathleen Grant said Tuesday. “The students … are so sad and they apologized to everyone.”
She added the school will introduce a permanent racial sensitivity program for students as a result of the stunt.

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