The Turkish Military Snaps


CNN Global Public Square, July 29, 2011 Today’s news of the mass resignation of Turkey’s Chief of Staff, General Isik Kosaner, and the force commanders is a sign that the Turkish military, the second largest force in NATO, is snapping under the weight of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP). Since the AKP came to power in Ankara in 2002, civilian-military relations between the governing party, a coalition of conservatives, reformed Islamists and Islamists, and the military, a bastion of secularism, have been tense. But thus far, the military leadership has remained diplomatic, choosing not to confront…

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Lime by no means retreating from mobile market

GARRY Sinclair, managing director of LIME Jamaica & Cayman did not say that the telecommunications company was retreating from the mobile market, as reported in today’s Caribbean Business Report.