Libyan rebels pushed back from Brega


Libyan government forces in trucks disguised with rebel flags have shelled opposition positions near the strategic eastern oil town of Brega, killing 13 rebel fighters and wounding dozens more, officials said. Rebel forces have been pushing to seize the front-line town which is home to an oil refinery and terminal, for nearly a week, but they say minefields planted by Gaddafi’s forces have slowed the advance. They took positions 10km east of the oil port, working to clear the mines so they can move forward. “Maybe within…

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Some Shun Soda But Profits Rise In Latin America

News Americas, ATLANTA, GA, Weds. July 20, 2011: A growing sea of health conscious U.S. consumers are shunning sugary sodas and drinks but in Latin America, one soda giant is seeing its profits zoom. Coca Cola, the world’s largest soft-drink maker, said Tuesday that its second-quarter profit rose 18 percent […]