Libya rejects Gaddafi arrest warrant


Libya has rejected the arrest warrants issued for its leader Muammar Gaddafi, his son Saif al-Islam, and the country’s intelligence chief for alleged atrocities committed against political opponents. The ruling is a “cover for NATO which is still trying to assassinate Gaddafi”, Mohammed al-Gamudi, Libya’s justice minister, said. Deputy foreign minister Khaled Kaaim said the International Criminal Court (ICC)  “functions as a European foreign policy vehicle. “It is a political court which serves its European paymasters,” he said. “Our own courts will deal with any human rights abuses and other crimes committed in the course of conflict in Libya.” The ICC…

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Tepco under pressure to shut reactors

The utility at the heart of Japan’s nuclear crisis, Tokyo Electric Power Co, faced pressure today from angry shareholders to shut all its reactors in a sign of growing Japanese opposition to nuclear energy. Activist shareholders may struggle, however, to convince long-term institutional investors, which own most of the stock, […]