Bullfighting Referendum Passed In Ecuador


News Americas, Quito, Ecuador, Mon. May 9, 2011: Bullfighting will soon be illegal in Ecuador.

Voters have approved a referendum banning the age old fights along with several other issues that allows Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa,48, has won a referendum on a wide range of reforms, according to the country’s National Election Council.

The move ends the killing of bulls in the ring and also outlawed cockfighting and casino gambling.

Early votes counted showed Correa had voters backing on all 10 referendum questions including banning bullfighting, gambling and cockfighting as well as judicial and media reform.

“Today, we made an important step toward peace, democracy and a new motherland,” the President said after the first results came out. “The truth and the Ecuadorean people have been the winners in this.”

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