St. Kitts Calls For UN Resolution On Violence


CaribWorldNews, UNITED NATIONS, NY, Tues. Sept. 28, 2010: With homicide rates on the rise in St. Kitts and Nevis, across the Caribbean and the world, the islands minister of foreign affairs, Sam Candor, on Monday used his address to the U.N. General Assembly to urge for a UNGA resolution that calls for an integrated approach to all forms of interpersonal violence.

The St. Kitts and Nevis minister said it is a public health and public security issue which begs attention and resolution. Candor pointed to data reveals that said inter-personal violence accounts for about 4,300 deaths per day (one every 20 seconds). One half of these are due to homicide, said the minister who added that in some countries, homicide rates are as high as 60-70 per 100,000.

`Mr. President the human, social and financial costs of violence are
unacceptably high and are escalating. In addition to physical injury and death, violence has a serious life-long impact on mental and
physical health,` he said. `Ultimately because of its multi- sectoral impact, it slows economic and social development in those countries which can least afford this. However, scientific evidence amassed over the past few decades clearly attests that violence and its consequences can be successfully prevented. But at present an integrated approach to global inter-personal violence prevention is sadly lacking.`

He said while the UNGA has adopted individual resolutions on violence against children, on violence against women and on armed violence there is as yet no resolution that calls for an integrated approach to all forms of interpersonal violence. Neither, said Candor, is there any resolution that speaks to youth violence – one of the major contributors to high murder rates and social breakdown or emphasizes the necessity of a multi-sectoral response to this problem.

The minister ended with a call for  an integrated and multi-sectoral response to all forms of interpersonal violence, recognizing the causes` and urged that the issue be placed on the UNGA agenda for 2011.

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