Barbados PM Returns To NY For More Treatment


 CaribWorldNews, BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Fri. Sept. 10, 2010: Just days after returning to Barbados following a two month hiatus, Prime Minister David Thompson has been forced to leave the island again to pursue more medical treatment.

Prime Minister David Thompson said Wednesday in a live radio broadcast from New York that he experienced complications over the weekend and had to return for more treatment. He gave no details of his illness, but said his physician will disclose the state of his health next week.

It was not clear when the PM will return to Barbados. Deputy Prime Minister Freundel Stuart is running the government in Thompson`s absence.

Thompson, 48, revealed in May that he underwent testing in New York for stomach pains that began in March. He temporarily stepped down in July to take a two-month leave of absence and confirmed then that he was in New York for a `medical procedure.` He returned to Barbados on August 29th but by September 4th he was forced to return to NY after reporting feeling unwell.

On Wednesday, he shied away from questions as to whether or not he is healthy enough to lead the government in Barbados instead saying:  `I want to let Barbadians know that during the two months I was away I kept abreast of what was happening and I am most grateful and heartened by the outpouring of love and support for me and the good wishes and prayers.

`It has been a tough time unfortunately…and being away from Barbados is something for me is obviously unfortunate, but I believe that the time has to be taken.`


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