Guyanese From Victoria Village To Discuss Development Options


CaribWorldNews, ATLANTA, GA, Mon. June 21, 2010: A two-day conference under the theme, `Imagining, Involving, & Investing in our Future` has been planned by villagers and nationals in the Diaspora from Victoria Village, Guyana.

The event, set for Thursday, the 5th of August 2010 according to organizers, is aimed at focusing on the worsening economic plight and development prospects of residents of the country`s First Village.

The conference is also intended as a means of galvanizing residents to creative action in order to compensate for the deepening spread of hopelessness among the young and to arrest further decline in the social and economic fabric of the once prosperous and leading rural community, organizers said in a statement.

A number of Guyanese academics, professionals, entrepreneurs and practitioners will participate in the Conference, which appropriately will convene within the shadow of country`s national Emancipation celebrations.

Victoria is located on the Atlantic coast of Guyana, 18 miles east of Georgetown and bordered by Cove & John to the west and Belfield to the east. It was the first village in Guyana to be bought by the combined resources of Africans who had recently won their freedom from slavery.

The community was initially established as a plantation called Northbrook. In November 1839, eighty three ex-slaves from five nearby estates (Douchfour, Ann`s Grove, Hope, Paradise and Enmore) pooled their resources and bought Plantation Northbrook for 30,000 guilders or $10,283.63. Each of the eighty three owned one lot of land. After its purchase it was renamed Victoria, presumably in honor of England`s Queen Victoria, although some suggest it may have been named as such in honor of the free slaves` victory.

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