New York Caribbean Institute Condemns Killing Of Guyanese School Boy


CaribWorldNews, NEW YORK, NY, Mon, June 14, 2010: The New York-based Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy has harshly condemned the shooting to death of a sixteen year-old school boy by the Guyana Police Force.

The CGID statement comes on the heels of the Monday June 7, 2010 shooting to death by police officers from the Wales Police Station of Kelvin Fraser, a fourth form student of the Patentia Secondary School.

The officers who shot and killed Fraser are also reportedly from the same division as the officers who last year doused the pelvic area of another minor, fifteen year old Twyon Thomas, with a flammable substance and set his genitals afire and further tortured the teen.

Reports are that the police officers may have been responding to a report of disorderly conduct by a group of students at Fraser`s school. When the officers arrived, students ostensibly started running and Fraser, who was allegedly unaware of the situation, saw the commotion and began running as well. It was at this point that a rank, armed with a shot gun, caught up to him and opened fire. The lad, who was shot at point blank range, then fell into a muddy ditch. 

The teen was later removed from the ditch and placed into a vehicle, where he was left to bleed to death, while officers continued to pursue other students. Fraser, who died at the scene, was only transported to the West Demerara Regional Hospital after the police concluded their investigations at the school, several hours after he was shot.  He was pronounced dead on arrival.
An autopsy on the 16-year-old revealed that he was shot in the left side of his chest at close range and died of shock and hemorrhage from laceration of the lungs caused by gunshot injuries. Several pellets were recovered from his body. The teen`s mother, Sharon Fraser, has disclosed that pellets from the bullet severely damaged her son`s internal organs and there was no way he could have survived. She has accused the Guyana Police of murdering Kelvin, and is demanding justice for her son.

CGID President, Rickford Burke, on Saturday slammed the Guyana police on WWRL 1600 AM`s `Caribbean Corner,` and labeled the shooting `a blatant act of murder.`

He lampooned the cops  for arming themselves with assault rifles to disperse children who were allegedly behaving disorderly, and called on Guyana`s Police Commissioner Henry Green and Director of Public Prosecutions, Shalimar Ali-Hack, to indict the rank who killed Fraser for murder.

The Guyana police Thursday claimed Fraser was shot during a scuffle with a rank who was attempting to arrest him. But teachers, fellow students, relatives and other witnesses have all described the police account as a deliberate lie and a cover up.

Teachers and students of the Patentia Secondary School mounted a peaceful justice march and protest on Thursday outside the Guyanese Ministry of Home Affairs and National Security.

However, police attempted to shut down the protest and blocked the students from marching in front of the Ministry. They later arrested the driver of the vehicle who transported the students, as well as community activist Mark Benschop. Benschop, who was previously jailed for five years without a trial for criticizing the Guyana government, was released in 2007.

CGID, in an urgent letter to United States Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, called on the Obama Administration to `suspend bilateral security assistance to the Guyana Police Force.` 

`We must send a message to the animals in the Guyana Police Force that we have had enough of their barbaric conduct, and would hold them to account under the rule of law. In any civilized part of the world, a Police officer who shoots and kills an innocent school child for no reason, would be charged with first degree murder. We expect no less charge in this case,` Burke contended.  

The Institute`s head has perennially accused the Guyana Police of crimes against humanity and pointed to several reports including a 2008 UN report which cited members of the Guyana Police Force for engaging in extra-judicial killings and for being complicit with convicted drug dealer Roger Khan and his gang the `Phantom death squad.`

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