Republican Senator Urges Haiti`s President To Officially Call Elections


CaribWorldNews, WASHINGTON, D.C., Fri. June 11, 2010: A top Republican senator and ranking member of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee is urging President Préval to conduct credible elections in earthquake-ravaged Haiti in 2010.

Senator Dick Luger, in a report titled, `Haiti: No Leadership – No Elections,` insists that if elections are not held before President Préval`s mandate expires, Haiti may be confronted by a vacuum of power at every level of its government.

`This report highlights the severe political crisis Haiti could face if an elected government is not in place to assume power after President Préval`s term expires in early 2011,` said Luger. `The extraordinary challenges Haiti must face in the coming years demand responsive leadership, unwavering commitment and a clear vision,` Lugar said. `I call on President Préval to issue the appropriate decree establishing an official date for Presidential and parliamentary elections, without delay.`

The senator is urging officials at the Department of State to ask President Préval to issue a decree in earnest establishing a date for presidential and parliamentary elections and to undertake the appropriate restructuring of the Provisional Electoral Council`s membership, in consultation with international partners, in a way that causes minimal interruption to procedural preparations, but demonstrates a clear political commitment to contesting credible elections.

He also wants the international donor community to seek an agreement with the PEC and all political parties, including the factions of Famni Lavalas, to ensure that the parties meet the PEC`s legal requirements and are not excluded from the elections because of perceived technicalities and to provide a portion of election funds immediately upon issue of the decree by President Préval so that the daunting task of updating electoral lists, generating identification cards, and re-allocating displaced persons to the appropriate polling center can begin before July 2010.

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