Caribbean Mas Players Get Creative At Brooklyn Carnival


CaribWorldNews, BROOKLYN, NY, Tues. Sept. 8, 2009: Carnival experts say the real mas is `ole mas or `jouvert,` the revelry that takes place prior to the annual West Indian Labor Day Carnival on Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn.

And this year, the creativity of the jouvert players could not be missed at the annual New York carnival. Taking to the streets as per normal, in the early hours of the morning Monday were `Bernie Madoff,` and `Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.`

Jouvert revelers poked fun at the two news makers of 2009 by impersonating them with paint and attitude. Also on hand at yesterday`s parade were `Kim Jong Il` and `Uncle Tom Cohen.`

Hours later, the bejeweled and skimpy costumes took over the streets as Caribbean nationals of all shapes and sizes squeezed in to tiny bikini-type outfits to wine down Eastern Parkway.

Some women refused to be deterred by the rolls of fat hanging off their bodies, choosing instead to exhibit them proudly – high tummies, cellulite thighs and buns and hanging breasts.

Instead, they choose to let it all hang as they gyrated without a care behind gigantic trucks filled with dozens of speakers pulsing Caribbean music.

The politicians were also out in full swing, trying their hardest to seem personable and in touch with the masses while the U.S. Census dominated with eight booths, spreading the word to all to ensure they fill out the form come April 2010.

For the first time in the West Indian parade, the Census sent a float down the parkway, and the theme of `Jump for the Count,` was reiterated many times over.

But there was no denying that at the end of the day, the Census message seemed to be escaping the politicians, with many choosing instead to focus on their short term goal of the September 15th primary. Few seemed to realize that a Census undercount in 2010 could quickly make many of their seats void because of redistricting laws and the seats, votes and power they tried so hard to stump for on carnival day could all be for nothing.

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