St. Kitts AG Lawyers Force Recusal Of St. Kitts High Court Judge

CaribWorldNews, BASSETERRE, St. Kitts, Weds. July 15, 2009: A complaint filed against a St. Kitts judge hearing the heated boundary case in the Federation has resulted in the judge`s recusal.

A notice of application for the recusal order filed on Tuesday by lawyers for the Attorney General and the Constituency Boundaries Commission on Tuesday cited several grounds for the requested recusal.

As a result, the resident High Court Judge, Francis Belle, yesterday recused himself from the case brought by opposition People`s Action Movement Member of Parliament, Shawn Richards against the Constituency Boundaries Commission and the St. Kitts attorney general.

The state`s lawyers had argued that the judge spoke in an emotional and angry tone and that his language, anger and demeanor in the High Court, showed that he is not able, consciously or unconsciously, of dealing fairly and impartially with the applications.

They also claimed that Judge Belle relied on material which was not properly before the Court, and accused Prime Minister Denzil Douglas of being a liar or misled. The Prime Minister was not and is not a party to any of the applications or claims.

The move by the PM to move election boundaries in St. Kitts just before elections are due has created angst in some quarters.

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