Black Caribbean Staff `Discriminated` At World Bank – Report


CaribWorldNews, WASHINGTON, D.C., Mon. June 15, 2009:The Government Accountability Project has accused the World Bank of discriminating against black employees, including those from the Caribbean.

The June 9th report by the GAP, a leading whistleblower protection organization, claims that in 2008, only four blacks held professional positions among a headquarters staff of over 3,500 professionals.

The study especially claimed that bank studies uniformly show that Sub- Caribbean, Saharan African and black American staff members are disadvantaged, relative to other staff, when they pursue careers at the Bank.

Bank data also reportedly showed that professional black staff members working on Bank operations are disproportionately confined to positions in the Africa Region.
For example, as of 2003, the latest year for which statistics were available, black World Bank employees were 36.3 percent less likely to hold a managerial grade relative to equally qualified non-black employees.

When asked about the pattern of racial discrimination in recruitment at the Bank, the Office of Diversity Programs told that qualified black American applicants were in short supply.

GAP recommends that the Bank record and publish its figures on the recruitment, retention and promotion in professional grades of all black World Bank employees.

Meanwhile, the GAP on June 11, claimed that two days after it issued its report, it learnt that racist slurs aimed at blacks were painted on the World Bank`s legal affairs offices on the sixth floor. Among the alleged message was: `N…..S Go Home.` The graffiti message was apparently ordered removed the next day by management without an investigation.



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