Mobile Phones Rule In Haiti – Report


CaribWorldNews, NEW YORK, NY, Thurs. May 7, 2009: Mobile phones are likely to remain the main form of telecommunications in Haiti for the short-to-medium term, a new report says.

A new report on the state of Haiti`s telecommunications by Research and Markets, claims that `given the stagnating fixed-line infrastructure and poor fixed-line penetration rates, mobile is likely to remain the principal form of telecommunications,` at least for now.

Citing hurricane damage to fixed lines and the fact that the privatization of Telco seems to have slipped from the government’s agenda, the report, `Haiti: Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband,` insists that more and more, people are turning to mobile phone service. 

Researchers also cite the fact that political and economic turmoil has kept Haiti’s telecommunications sector as one of the least developed in the world, so mobile phone service is a welcome option.

Analysts also insist, however, that in the longer term, growth can also be expected to come from wireless broadband solutions such as WiMAX.


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