Florida Funeral Home Under Investigation Over Dead Jamaican Migrant


CaribWorldNews, POLK COUNTY, FL, Fri. May 1, 2009: A Florida funeral home owner has been banned from embalming corpses because of the way he reportedly handled the body of a Jamaican immigrant.

Lawrence Epps said he embalmed 75-year-old Jamaican immigrant Barrington Perrin, who died Dec. 22. But the state claims Epps did not embalm the body properly and allowed it to decompose at the funeral home.

A state inspector reported smelling a strong odor during a March 26 visit to Epps Mortuary and said she found a badly deteriorated body, which had either been inadequately embalmed or not embalmed at all. The body was also not refrigerated.

Epps, however, claims he used his own money to embalm Perrin since his Jamaica-based family did not want to help with the costs.

Epps said he’s been embalming since 1969 and he know he will be vindicated.

Florida’s Chief Financial Officer has filed an emergency order prohibiting Epps from embalming bodies.

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